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2002-08-24 - 12:55 a.m.

Oh Happy Day . . . Oh Happy Day . .

When Jesus Walked, He Washed My Sins Away . . . .

Today was the first day I have had off in nearly three weeks and it felt great. I was so burnt out I thought for sure I was going to go postal at work if one more person crossed my path, but thank golly gee jesus the lord that didnt happen.

So today I watched a Carry Grant Movie on AMC, rode my bike about 10 miles to pay my car insurance, then got back home and smoked some cheba. It's been so long I forgot how good the good weed can feel. I listened to Wilco while thinking deeply about everything yet none of it comes to mind at this point which is always the way it goes when you are stoned. Have some really good ideas but too damn lazy to put them down on paper or plastic. By the time ambition rears its ugly head I can't remember any of my wonderful and world saving ideas. damn it.

I do remember one thing that came to mind. It was regarding the band Spiritualized. Their double length album Live at Royal Albert Hall Oct 14 1998 kicks ass. The song "Oh happy day" kept rolling through my head since it was my day off and I thought, me oh my, I gotta run out and grab that album.

So I did buy it this evening and I must say "Oh happy Day" indeed.



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