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2002-11-15 - 5:21 p.m.

I knew it. I knew I would still be sick three weeks later. I just can't seem to shake this damn cold ... although besides drinking plenty of vitamen C, I really have not done a whole lot to improve my health. Staying up late drinking and smoking and socializing really can't be a good way to kill a cold, but then again, is there a sure fire way? I doubt it.

Hillary Clinton held a conference call today talking about the importance of extending unemployment benefits, particularly in health insurance, in time for the holidays. I believe this is the third time she has called for extending the benefits, and I'm not too sure on whether or not I agree with her. I know that when I was working without benefits, I don't think the government would have been as willing to help me out than if I was unemployed without benefits. It's almost as if a lot of workers are being punished for working in the lowest of jobs. I mean, how many bars offer health benefits to bartenders? Do dishwashers in restaurants have health benefits? Or the guy that pumps gas in the full service lane at the gas station. Does he have health benefits? There are a lot of people contributing their part for this capitalistic society, yet they have no fringe benefits to show. Yet the senator is calling for those same benefits not provided for a large portion of the working public to go toward the unemployed. I'll say this for Mrs Rodham Clinton, she sure knows how to play residents in the state of New York where unemployment rates are the highest they've been since the 1970s. Oh, well, best of luck to you senator. Hope things go well.

I have a good health plan where I work. It's a shame I probably will never use it. I doubt it will do much good against the only almighty ailment that afflicts me. The common cold... *sneeze*... Bless me.



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