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2002-11-20 - 2:26 a.m.

There is a silence then whispers then hums start off the songs and more songs and more songs and more songs all strung along a line connecting the low and the high and a laugh with a cry and and love and love and love is always the underlying theme to the soundtrack with so much to offer if only given a chance with two souls converging on a path not taken by those who tread softly and cautiously and worriedly but I digress and I confess all my lies combined would not total the heartache caused by you and you and you and her mind when she told me lust was what she felt but false love was all she dealt it was our bent friend trying to bring together the purpose of why we walk upon the earth but eventually end up crawling to our neutral corners until round two when the bell goes off and my gloves come off and I'm hit with a lie that makes me shudder to think and speak and dream about ever spending time with you and you and you and her ever again and the songs are all loud and the songs make me sing and make me weep and make me cry for today I die and tomorrow I die and forever I die every time I hear the songs and the songs and the song that started with hums and then whispers and eventually silence the same as it began and I am not her friend and I am no ones friend but I can be yours if you will grant me some more time is it possible your mine and could you and would you and will you please be mine but lust, lust will tear us apart, again.



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